Enhancing Serums 

  • £ 67.00

    Gentle antioxidant serum for thin, traumatized, irritated and sensitive skin. Natural extract of Centella Asiatica provides drainage and anti-inflammation effects, minimizes allergic reactions, reduces skin sensitivity and accelerates the healing process after cosmetic treatments. With regular use, it boosts collagen synthesis and slows down ageing; skin becomes more dense and elastic.

  • £ 71.00

    A toning, smoothing and rejuvenating serum that works as a topical antioxidant cocktail - it oxygenates, evens out the colour and texture and minimises pores.  This serum helps to protect the skin from harmful effects of stress, smoke and pollution and is a must-have product for everyone living in a big city. It also boosts the effects of the active ingredients in concentrates, sous-crème and daily creams.