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  • £ 71.00

    A toning, smoothing and rejuvenating serum that works as a topical antioxidant cocktail - it oxygenates, evens out the colour and texture and minimises pores.  This serum helps to protect the skin from harmful effects of stress, smoke and pollution and is a must-have product for everyone living in a big city. It also boosts the effects of the active ingredients in concentrates, sous-crème and daily creams. 

  • £ 67.00

    Gentle antioxidant serum for thin, traumatized, irritated and sensitive skin. Natural extract of Centella Asiatica provides drainage and anti-inflammation effects, minimizes allergic reactions, reduces skin sensitivity and accelerates the healing process after cosmetic treatments. With regular use, it boosts collagen synthesis and slows down ageing; skin becomes more dense and elastic.

  • £ 86.00

    High concentration of active components for effective moisturisation and rejuvenation of dry, sensitive and damaged skin. Crème Salva-Derm restores lipid membranes, decreases skin sensitivity, provides deep hydration, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in derma and provides a visible lifting effect. 

  • £ 78.00

    An emulsion-gel for deep moisturisation, sous-crème Derma-Fill contains hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract and is ideal for deep hydration and rejuvenation of even very dry and damaged skin. Provides visible effects of smoothing fine lines and restoring salt and water balance. Ideal priming before make-up. In just 7-8 days skin becomes more dense, firm and bright. 

  • £ 83.00

    Active ingredients of Blepharo-Night provide powerful antioxidant effects, restore membranes and stimulate synthesis of the skin’s peptides. Cream contains Escin, a powerful veinotonic. In just a few days you will notice its incredible drainage and anti-puffiness effects! 

  • £ 157.00

    Wrinkle correcting concentrate providing immediate smoothing effects as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The unique formula includes three strong myorelaxing peptides and creates a skin immobilization effect, while preserving natural facial expression. A light numbing sensaton may occur in the areas of application. Wrinkles are significantly reduced in the first few days of using the concentrate.

  • £ 61.00

    Bamboo fabric mask soaked in gentle hydro gel, containing the highest amount of moisturising components. Hyaluronic, tranexamic, thioctic acids, seaweed extract and other ingredients provide immediate moisturizing and nourishing, calm and brighten the skin. After just 20-25 minutes skin will feel significantly softer and fine lines considerably reduced. Each pack contains five individual sachets with one mask each.

  • £ 60.00

    Refreshing gel-emulsion for sensitive and damaged skin. Perfect cleanser for thin, traumatised, irritated and sensitive skin. Yoghurt powder restores healthy skin microflora, goat milk peptides calm and moisturise the skin, and Malva Sylvestris boosts micro-circulation and provides antioxidant activity. 

  • £ 69.00

    Cleansing emulsion for all skin types: normal, dry or oil-prone skin. The active emulsion restores skin micro-circulation, boosts oxygenation of the deeper skin layers, enhances drainage and strengthens the capillary walls. In just a few days you will notice improved firmness and an even tone. The emulsion softly rids the skin of impurities without damaging it and evens and brightens the complexion. 

  • £ 99.00

    Highly effective age-defying concentrate quickly restores the skin's firmness and elasticity reducing all age-related marks. Soft gel distributes evenly on the skin leaving it fresh and moisturised. The powerful stimulating effect of the concentrate delivers visible results in just a few days – namely, lifting and wrinkle smoothing.

  • £ 115.00
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    Light concentrate with a “Photoshop effect” moisturizes deep tissues and fills in fine lines, immediately restoring a feeling of comfort while decreasing skin sensitivity and irritation. Regular application reduces fine lines, replenishes moisture, evens out the skin and minimises pores. Essential for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

  • £ 69.00

    Please note: Myo-Fix range is incompatible with skincare products containing retinol and any kind of acids. Acids destroy peptides and negate the effect.  This wrinkle correction mask increases the penetration of the Myo-Fix concentrate, fills in fine lines, stimulates collagen production and a cocktail of three active neuropeptides substantially decreases mimic muscle activity. Brightens, evens out and lifts the skin. You will see results after the first application!  Each pack contains five...