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Wrinkle correction mask

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Please note: Myo-Fix range is incompatible with skincare products containing retinol and any kind of acids. Acids destroy peptides and negate the effect. 

This wrinkle correction mask increases the penetration of the Myo-Fix concentrate, fills in fine lines, stimulates collagen production and a cocktail of three active neuropeptides substantially decreases mimic muscle activity. Brightens, evens out and lifts the skin. You will see results after the first application! 

Each pack contains five individual sachets with one mask each.

Type Face care tissue mask
Volume 5 items
Package Impregnated fabric mask in an aluminum foil sachet

After cleansing, apply Myo-Fix concentrate, massage lightly. Open a sachet, take out the mask, accurately apply to the whole face. Use side cuts for ears, then pull the lower part of the mask so that it covers the lower jaw and facial oval. Leave for 20 minutes. Take off the mask. Massage the leftover gel until it is fully absorbed. Use once or twice a week. Can be used in between a professional course of treatments to boost the effect.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1

This peptide mimics the relationship of the growth factors involved in the healing process and synthesis of collagen. Specifically, it is supposed to stimulate the synthesis of collagen I and III, fibronectin and laminin.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7

Palmitoyl oligopeptide has the same structure as a certain substructure of collagen type I. Its effect is explained by an improved collagen synthesis based on a feedback regulation mechanism. In contrast, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 inhibits the expression of interleukine 6 (IL-6) being responsible for inflammatory processes in the skin. By reducing the IL-6 concentration in skin inflammation mediated degradation processes of the extracellular matrix are reduced. Skin aging is consequently slowed down.

Acetyl Hexapetide-3

This the best known of the neuropeptides. It works by limiting the neurotransmitters that tell facial muscles to move.


Is a human growth factor peptide, derived from the melanocyte-stimulating-hormone. It blocks melanin synthesis and reduces the formation of unwanted pigmentation, allowing control over skin tone and brown spots.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a polysaccharide and a compound that occurs naturally in every tissue of the body, with the highest concentrations occurring in tissues such as skin, cartilage and eyes. Providing protection to cell structures, HA is the natural gel between skin cells that serves as a water reservoir for the cells. As we age, skin loses hyaluronic acid and the ability to hold sufficient water in this reservoir. Feeding new hyaluronic acid to skin may help hydrate skin's intercellular reservoir, raising skin's moisture level, and smoothing down age lines.

Topically, Hyaluronic Acid has water storing properties, making it an ideal swelling agent and lubricant, enabling its incorporation into cosmetics leading to a perceptible and visible improvement of skin condition. In use, it forms a thin transparent visco elastic surface film that helps to preserve the characteristics of youthful and healthy skin: suppleness, elasticity and tone.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15 (Skinasensyl)

A peptide that increases the skin's tolerance threshold of over-reactive, neurosensitve skin and makes it less reactive to external stimuli: sensations of pain and discomfort are reduced.